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JP9346 Current Controversies in Bioethics

This subject is only offered on-campus and in intensive mode. Students are required to attend the Bioethics Colloquium run by the Australian Association of Catholic Bioethicists, and to take part in seminars so as to make up 36 hours of lectures/conference presentations. The subject will consider some current bioethical controversies among which will be included: consent; truth-telling and confidentiality; the human genome project and gene therapy; hybrids, cybrids and human-animal genomics; care of patients with special needs such as people with HIV/AIDS, the aged, those with mental illness, and people with drug addiction; the allocation of healthcare resources; legislating for abortion, cooperation in ethically dubious practices and conscientious objection; the distinctive identity of Catholic healthcare facilities and services. Students will be equipped with a body of this knowledge which will enable them to undertake professional work in the field and serve as a basis for further learning.